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"You Are Where?"

Comedy History Series
Scripts written by Jane Frances Hirsh 
Recorded at Hoffmann Studios, Occidental CA.

Complete Radio Shows

Close One

Native Indian peoples of mid 19th century California endure invasions by Aleutians, Russians, Mexicans & Americans, all hungry for wealth & land.​

That Falklands War

Why did two advanced nations, especially thousands of-miles-distant, England, battle over tiny, wind swept islands in the way, way south Atlantic?

Patriots Unmasked

Our Founding Fathers were only human, after all.
Running Time:  15:23 Minutes

SoundCloud Clips

"Caligula Goes North"
The Roman emperor's bizarre trip to ancient Britain.
Running Time:  11:34 minutes 

"Arrows and Muskets"
The French and Indian Wars were also British and American - No wonder everyone was confused!
Running Time:  9:11 minutes

"The War of 1812" 
America proved herself by declaring her first war and loved it!
Running Time:  12:38 minutes

"William, The Love Child"
Too bad 'William, the Conqueror
forgot that he was one.
Running Time:  11:12 minutes

A true saga about Hannibal, his elephants, and his other elephants.
Running Time:  13:41 minutes

"Mary, Queen for a Day"
Beautiful, young, female, and powerful - of course they all messed with Mary of Scotland!
Running Time:  16:30 minutes

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