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Radio Plays

"Hot Rocks!"

Complete MP3
Short, funny tales of Life in a Band

Hot Rocks Do Thanksgiving

Unexpected guests of the two-legged and four-legged varieties
make this Thanksgiving one to remember (not exactly fondly).
Running time:  11:06 minutes

Scripts written by Jane Frances Hirsh
Recorded at Hoffmann Studios, Occidental CA.

We hope you enjoy our collection of sound clips from longer original MP3's and our complete Radio Plays.
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"Halloween Gig"
A gig at a local haunted house becomes a little too creepy for the band.
Running Time:  11:19 minutes

"Knights of Olde"
The band participates in the local Renaissance Faire, complete with arrows, galleons and a jousting tournament.
Running Time:  13:27 minutes

"Old West"
The band is hired to play for a re-recreation of the old west, which turns into an unexpected rodeo.
Running Time:  12:39 minutes

"Artichokes and Pheromones"
The band runs to Castroville's Artichoke Festival to escape from sizzling heat and especially, from unwelcome suitors in Arizona.
Running Time:  11:40 minutes

"Play Baseball"
An unorthodox version of the game is played by the band members and others.
Running Time:  9:57 minutes

"Day Job"
A shortage of gigs prompts the band members to - briefly - engage in other lines of work.
Running Time:  13:35 minutes

"Goin' to the Dogs"
With nowhere else to stay for distant 3-day music festival, band members agree to dog-sit for a nearby kennel.
Running Time:  11:42 minutes

"Horrid Movie"
Rachel, Styx, and Jasper meet werewolves, monsters and, far worse, cops, in the local park at night.
Running Time:  10:37 minutes

"Playin' Around"
Rachel, Styx and Jasper try playing with other bands - but not for long.
Running Time:  13:11 minutes

The band members compete to see who can be first to find her or his perfect mate.
Running time:  15:53 minutes

"On Vacation"
The bands summer gig by a lake sounds too, too idyllic -because it is.
Running Time:  15:53 minutes 

"Wedding Gig"
The band learns about marriage, Hollywood-Style.
Running Time:  10:43 minutes

"City Hall"

Rachel's niece convinces the band to join her 9th graders' activist campaign as they march to City Hall.
Running Time:  10:43 minutes 

"Cooking Class"
Band members are bamboozled by a one-week course offering to teach them to cook a different international dish every night.
Running Time:  10:55 minutes

"Dress Shop"
Dressing rooms suddenly get very lively when the band goes looking for new attire.
Running Time:  12:02 minutes

"Hot Rocks Do Hamlet"
When the band members take part in a local fundraising performance of "Hamlet", they hope and pray The Bard is laughing, not groaning at the results.
Running Time:  28:54 minutes

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