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     Born into a New England family of more scholarly writers, I migrated, in my teens, to San Francisco and the San Francisco Art Institute for a planned career as a visual artist. My art works included a twelve-foot triptych in oils, several smaller pieces, and time spent (briefly) as a commercial artist. Having a restless nature, I wanted the art to move, a desire that evolved into building and performing shows with handmade marionettes, hand puppets, and shadow puppets.
    This morphed into working with people instead of puppets, and I spent many years in live theater, writing and producing shows with the talented actors and musicians of the American Dream Players. That, in turn, led to writing and performing stories for public radio, all of which has led to writing novels that include comic, romantic, and suspenseful elements.

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     The 'Life in a Band' series of novels is based on characters I've created for radio and on characters I've known in my life. It's the often-comic story of a group of original musical artists confronting dangerous situations without, and their own creative and hormonal drives within.

     I live with my husband in the north San Francisco Bay Area. When not writing, I very occasionally find time to pull the ever-present weeds in my garden, feed ever-hungry local wild birds, hear local bands’ music in the park, and hang around with stimulating friends.


We are seasoned actors, professional musicians and writers, able to create stories that make audiences laugh with recognition,as together, we process the human experience. Having performed original comedy and music for live theater and radio plays,we have also
produced short, funny videos.

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